To Innovate Is to Adapt

#innovationmandate H.G. Wells once wrote: “Adapt or perish, now as ever, is nature’s inexorable imperative.” The renowned science fiction author may have been talking about the future of humanity, but winning leaders understand exactly what he was saying. In business,...

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The Three Key Attributes of Innovation Leaders

#innovationmandate There are three key attributes that innovation leaders know and practice. They are Access, Action, and Authenticity. 1. Access When it comes to team engagement, providing access goes far beyond the so-called open-door policy. Having an “open door”...

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Innovation Leaders Make the Connection

#innovationmandate Many economists say that because of the Internet and global digital communications, we live in a “connected economy.” Although it’s true that we have more fibers of digital connectivity than ever before in human history, sociologists argue the...

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Inspiring Leadership Promotes Innovation

#innovationmandate To stay ahead of the innovation curve, as a leader it’s imperative that you give your employees and stakeholders a reason to get up in the morning, come to work, and dedicate themselves to quality, innovation, and total customer satisfaction. It’s...

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Successful Innovators Seek Truth

#innovationmandate Today’s winning innovation leaders know the first step towards leveraging disruption is to recognize the world as it really is and not as they’d like it to be. They know that wishful thinking will put them on the road to disaster. I once had the...

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